If you, your community, group or organization would like to contact me, I offer the following services:

Food Skills:

  • Food Sovereignty training, including: Intro and Methods of Food Preservation and Zero-Food-Waste; Fermentation (sauerkraut, vegetable and fruit kimchis, fermented butters, kefir, kombucha and yogurt making); pickling; canning; cheese-making (with and without cultures, dairy and non-dairy cheeses); sour-dough; food skills for health and sustainability within a budget

Gardening and Permaculture, simply, resilient Living

  • Growing food in the city, including: soil health; wise-water management; container and vertical gardening; garden design; plant health
  • Permaculture: Introduction to Permaculture; full PDCs or Pc modules for resilience-building
  • Individual, Household and/or Community/resilient mapping/audit and design

Career/Life Planning and Skills

  • Career/Life Coach for the Right Livelihood (through “Ethical Pathways”)
  • Workshop, presentation and course design: curriculum and lesson plan design, teaching strategies
  • Essential Skills assessment, coaching and training (individuals and groups)

Disaster/Emergency Planning/First Aid

  • Individual, Household and/or Community/Organization/Business Risk, Hazards and Vulnerability assessments/mapping.
  • Individual, Household and/or Community/Organization/Business disaster/emergency planning and design for resilience/business continuity
  • First Aid for grassroots groups and small organizations

Other areas:

  • Curriculum Development, Lesson Planning, workshop design and implementation
  • Research
  • Consultations

My qualifications:

  • Certified Career Development Practitioner (BCCDA)
  • Certified Essential Skills Practitioner Trainer
  • Certified Provincial Instructor
  • Certified eLearning/Online Instructor
  • Bachelor in Pedagogy and Psychology
  • Certificate in Permaculture Design, Advanced Permaculture (Teachers’ Training)
  • Organic Master Gardener
  • Currently completing Diploma in Advanced Urban Permaculture
  • Currently completing Diploma in Herbalism
  • Certificate in Emergency Management
  • Certified (Red Cross) First Aid and Emergency Preparedness Trainer
  • Various courses on social studies, communication, HR, management, strategic planning, systems analysis, climate change, sustainability, disasters and community resilience, soil, food and psychological and mental First Aid
  • Certified in Food Safety
  • Certified Food Skills for Families Trainer
  • 30+ years experience in various roles including teacher/facilitator/instructor, coach, designer, team leader, coordinator/manager, among others


  • Fees depend on type, lengh and duration of service as well as type of organization
  • For individuals and households, I offer a slide-scale adapted to your financial situation
  • I accept payments in form of services or goods as well as Paypal and cash.
  • Some services may be free of charge depending on situation and needs
  • I’m open to travelling as long as clean and safe accommodation and meals are covered

Contact me at: or through the contact form of this website

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