Applied Ecopsychology

When humanity’s stories don’t adulterate it, the life of our Planet organizes itself to be an attractive optimum of self-correcting diversity, cooperation and peace. It does not produce garbage. Everything is in balance and belongs because all things are attracted to transform and recycle into more attractive relationships for the good of the whole of the planet’s life.

Earth’s organic paradise is ethical and moral. It seldom exhibits our stories and the excessiveness, disorders, issues, assaults, illness, unfairness, toxic waste, corruption, crime and wars that our stories create. As part of the life of Earth, death as we know it is simply another form of Earth’s life, a form without stories.” ~ Michael Cohen Project NatureConnect

There was a time when we humans were part of the natural system same as all the other species and elements. We still are, but we have disconnected.

The disconnection, the detachment, came when we created words and concepts. When we started to see us as “different” from the natural world and started creating stories about who we were and how we related to the rest of the universe.

This disconnection is the root of all our suffering and the harm we are doing to the world: because we have been deeply socialized (indoctrinated) to believe we are somewhat better, different and separated from the other species and elements, we have at once an attitude of arrogance towards others (as if our creativity and ability to play with technology made us invincible and we wouldn’t need air, water, soil, food, microorganisms and each other) and a sense of loss: we seek and seek in different places (heavens, the after-death, the future, entertainment, a perfect love story, all kinds of addictions, etc.) a thing that we carry all along: our inter-connectedness with the world and each other.

This artificial disconnection is the root of our mental and spiritual/emotional sicknesses: depression, anxiety, stress, constant hunger for love and attention, longing for “something” and so on…the disconnection is also the root of many of our physical and chronic diseases: cancer, diabetes, heart and coronary diseases and the like.

While medicine and psychology try to “fix” the individual applying “remedies” or “intervening” with her, applied eco-psychology or eco-therapy look into the whole person and her environment and how the healing may happen once the person remembers and starts using the “old brain” that is still in all of us and allows us to learn from, heal with, and relate to Gaia, our home and mother organism from we all come and we all will eventually come back.

In this section and through my posts I will be sharing exercises, questions and techniques you can use to reconnect and heal.



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