Welcome to my PIDP Journey.

I applied to study the Provincial Instructor Diploma program in 2009 and was accepted.

Right after being accepted I became seriously ill and underwent major surgery, so I had to abandon my plans to study for a while. Things became complicated in 2010 when I started at a new job (the job I have today) and for a long time I couldn’t concentrate in my studies.

When I finally had the time and energy I decided to finish the “Online Instructor Certificate” (also at VCC) as its courses were on fix schedule and graduated as online instructor in July 2013.

For my graduation I created an online course on food security that still can be accessed through VCC Moodle (through a password)

In 2014 I decided to complete my PIDP and here I am. By October 2014, I only need two more courses and the Capstone project to graduate.

Here you can find some of the posts related to teaching and learning…some of them were PIDP assignments, some were my own reflections and findings along the never-ending and ongoing thirst for learning…

Education Myths: Learning Styles

The flipped classroom

The Future is in the Margins (about UDL)

Teaching and Active Hope

Reflections on Metacognition & Questioning

Group work and healthy solitude


How language affects our teaching practice

Online Learning and Blogging

My PIDP Classmates blogs

Motivation and Class Management

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