Permaculture Training

Welcome to Permaculture Training. I will be posting all upcoming intros, PDCs, PTT (Permaculture Teacher Training) and other related training here…

You can expect the post to be organized chronologically, but ongoing courses will be posted just once.

Feel free to browse and contact the organizers directly.

If you are a Permaculture teacher, consultant or represent a group and want to post here, please contact me. I give priority to courses and teachers I know in person or whose courses I have received good feedback from friends who have attended. Please send me a blurb with your link and remember to also share where and when exactly the training is taking place.

For those looking to take courses with me, I am not offering full PDCs yet. However, I am open to co-teach or present short modules on the aspects of Permaculture I have more experience:

  • Permaculture Ethics, Principles and applications in different aspect of life
  • Edible gardens in small spaces: Permaculture in pots, community gardens and more…
  • Community, personal and household resilience (including simplicity, long term planning, emergency preparedness and first aid)
  • Career planning for the Right Livelihood: how to live a fulfilling, regenerative and resilient life while paying the bills (or, how to leave the rat race and embrace simplicity and Permaculture)
  • EDAP: Energy Descent Action Plan for households, workplaces, businesses, schools and communities

Note: my presentations and collaborations, as well as personal consultations are offered under the “Sharing Economy” model. Drop me a line if you are interested…

Updated March 2015 (more to come):

O.U.R. Ecovillage Permaculture training and resources:

F.A.Q. About PDCs:

Permaculture Training Post (August 2014- for upcoming courses)

Posted Aug 17: (Contains training in both Canada and US)

Posted Aug 18: (Free full-day intro and upcoming part-time, ultra flexible and achievable PDCs in the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada)

Posted Aug 18: (for Teachers, facilitators, community workers and anybody in the teaching/education arena who is either interested in sustainable living/Permaculture or already a Permaculturist)

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