Pc Topics

One of the most important things about permaculture is that it is founded on a series of principles that can be applied to any circumstance—agriculture,urban design, or the art of living. The core of the principles is the working relationships and connections between all things.” ― Juliana Birnbaum Fox, Sustainable Revolution: Permaculture in Ecovillages, Urban Farms, and Communities Worldwide

I will be slowly posting about the different Permaculture topics and steps. Remembering that Permaculture is mainly an intentional design process based in ethics, systems and critical thinking, which means that each step/topic is not linear or isolated but integrated and circular, rotating, evolving, connecting and being influenced by all the others.


A Case for Permaculture: why do we need it in the first place?

Permaculture definitions

Permaculture Ethics

Permaculture Principles

The Design Cycle/Process

Observation & Interaction: Patterns

Observation & Interaction: Sectors and factors/limiting factors/decision makers

Observation & Interaction: Functions and Relationships

Observation & Interaction: the mapping process

Vision/Design: Zones

Vision/Design: Guilds

Vision/Design: Succession

Vision/Design: Disaster Planning/Preparedness

Vision/Design: Checking Against Principles/Ethics

Implementation: Permaculture Strategies/Techniques



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