Institutions that regulate Permaculture

Permaculture is currently not recognized by mainstream institutions or the public. However, there are a few institutions and groups that are trying to standardize and regulate who teaches or consults under the Permaculture flag.

Being aware of them and their requirements as well as starting to know the names, teachings and projects of those connected to these institution is an important step towards being accepted and respected in the Permaculture community.

Having said that, it is the philosophy behind “Mainstream Permaculture” that Permaculture, as any other toolkit or philosophy that help us to live a more resilient and ethical life are not here to create more structures, standards or tribes, they are here to help us move from a terribly wrong and unsustainable position in this planet to something beyond sustainability: a truly ethical and responsible life that respects the right to life of other species and future generations.


Permaculture Institute: on continuing education:

The Permaculture Research Institute:

Permaculture Global (who is who in Permaculture):

Permaculture Institute of North America:


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