EDAP or Energy Descent Action Plans are the main goal of Transition Initiatives (or transition towns how they are also known)

The Transition movement started as part of Permaculture: in 2004, Rob Hopkins, a Permaculture teacher in Ireland and UK decided to ask his PDC group to design (instead of a household, edible garden or farm) a plan for an entire town…

This was the first time Permaculture came to a city: since it started, Permaculture has been a “back-to-the-land” movement, accompanied with a “back-to-basics” and “do-it-yourself” spirit.

Some time before this, David Holmgren, one of the creators of the Permaculture concept, published his book “Permaculture: Principles and Pathways beyond Sustainability”, one of the most important books in the Permaculture movement, as it clearly describe its principles and also talks of the need for an Energy Descent Action Plan that takes cities (where most people live) into a more sustainable and resilient lifestyle…before is too late and to make the necessary and unavoidable descent from fossil fuels as easy and painless as possible for most.
EDAPs can also be created and adopted by individuals, households, institutions (workplaces, schools, businesses) and communities.
A well designed EDAP would consider the steps to take from a current unethical, unsustainable and unfair use of energy and resources to one that goes “beyond sustainability”.
I encourage you to follow and visit this blog often, ask questions and post comments to learn more about this and how we can design and implement it into our own lives.


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