silvia-2015Silvia’s Bio:

Argentine-born, I formally embraced Permaculture in 2013 (PDC at University of BC/OUR ECOVILLAGE) after many years of reading, watching and experimenting in my own garden and life. With experience as an IT systems analyst, travel agent, teacher, community worker, emergency preparedness trainer and career counsellor, my natural choice was the social aspect of PC: working with invisible structures to enhance communities and individual resilience and sustainability.

Since my childhood, I had a strong connection with Nature and living things: I started growing vegetables and herbs “grandma style” as early as in my teens and early twenties, creating mini-edible forests and crazy container gardens.

A Canadian by choice since 2008, I am part of the local Transition initiative; work full-time as career coach with emphasis in the “Right Livelihood” and the gift and sharable economies; train vulnerable groups on Disaster Management/Emergency Preparedness and First Aid under the Canadian Red Cross umbrella; run community workshops on food sovereignty and energy descent action plans; coordinate a local community garden and blog and write a monthly column for a magazine on social and environmental topics. My best moments are, however, those I spend in my own garden.

I am available for Permaculture and Transition consultations and presentations, including EDAP, career coaching for the right livelihood (holistic goal),food security and Emergency Preparedness, individual or community designs, short Permaculture introductions and mini-courses.

All my projects are offered under the gift and sharing economies concepts.

You can find me here: http://permacultureglobal.com/users/5950-silvia-di-blasio

And here: https://about.me/sil_diblasio

Me, typing
Me, typing

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