The People’s Hub: Re-generators Urban Ecovillage Cooperative

This is just a dream, but my commitment with the Great Turning, if you are called, please answer, any contribution (from idea to resources to your friendly support however it looks like) will be well received:

I live in Surrey, a wonderful place with many challenges and possibilities, a place with probably more immigrants and refugees than “local” people, with groups struggling to make a living, to be safe, to meet each other. A place with emerging and increasing crime, poverty, food insecurity, addictions and homelessness but also with so much to offer and create!

My dream:

Putting this out there to the universe and all its beings: I am looking for an old/abandoned or barely used building, preferably with some land or exposed surfaces in City of Surrey.
The plan? To call all peoples from Surrey and around to co-create a vision for this place as a “People’s Hub” where we can share skills, run support circles and groups, startup training for real social/regenerative entrepreneurs and for people who are considered “ineligible” for employment services (or who don’t want to be “prepared” to end up in a Wallmart as a shelf stocker)…
My own vision is to make this building/place beautiful with ALL our hands and resources and focus on the nine capitals (yes, I added one!) that include social, cultural, intellectual, spiritual, natural, health, etc.) and plant a food garden, have a childcare and elder-care in place, a place to make music, share skills and passions/ideas, exchange home-made products and services, support each other and more…this will be open to all the different ethnicity groups, genders, sexual orientation, levels of ability, etc in Surrey and beyond…we would have a place for people from outside to crash safely but also for the local people who may not have a safe place to stay…this will NOT be a non-profit based on services/charity model, it will be a cooperative based on inclusive leadership and sociocracy.
I need you to name a place you already know that would be ideal for this and let me know if you are in as I’ll be having a Zoom/real cafe meeting soon.
Please message me if you are in and/or if you have suggestions for the place, preferably by no later than this coming Sunday (July 22), but if later than that, still welcome…
I’ll be posting this in various groups so in order to keep things clean and accessible, please message me personally or email me at:

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