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Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know, you can’t explain. But you feel it. You felt it your entire life. That there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but its there. Like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.”

Morpheus, character in the movie,The Matrix


You know things are not good: at the social, environmental and economic levels. People are exhausted, burnout, addicted to anything that helps them forget how their precious and sacred lives are being wasted, used for the profit of a few who couldn’t care less for the Earth, its peoples, its ecosystems and their future.

Not only ecosystems are failing and shrinking (and they are the ones who sustain life!), but also social, economic and personal systems are failing: the gap between the rich and the poor is growing, the middle class is slowly disappearing, burdened by debt, work exhaustion and stress from being so busy and overloaded by it all: from information (fake and real) to entertainment, “friends”and expectations of how to be in this world…

Oceans are filling up with plastic and dead zones, forests are disappearing, taking with them entire species and the livelihoods of many. The food, water, soil and air are poisoned, translated into health issues for everyone, even those who think they are safe. Millions of animals are being sacrificed everyday to feed the hunger of a growing population who doesn’t seem to have a limit to their greed…

Children are being medicated, fed with unending garbage from TVs, laptops and cellphones at ages as early as a few months old…

Think is not affecting you? Think twice: even if you can still eat (and make choices about what you but), have a “good” job and a house to sleep in, even if your neighbourhood looks clean, safe and nice, if your family is still together and you are in “good health” and “fit”…how are the rest and why? What or who needed to be destroyed,  displaced, oppressed, negated and ignored so you could have all that? Why is that you have all that and not the other 90% of the world? And why should you have all that and not be guaranteed for your children, your neighbour’s children or mine?

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

Meanwhile, we are told lies after lies: every “solution” comes with a cost attached because they are being thrown with total disregard to the root causes or the systemic repercussions of what they propose.

And we, each one of us, continues working as another peon in the rigged game: helping the broken system to stay together a bit longer, perpetuating the damage and the pain, stuck as clogs in an endless and narrow pipeline that goes nowhere except Hell.

Is there a way out?

To be completely honest, I don’t know. I I think no-one who says they know would be honest or credible. We are in the middle of both the death of a system that was born dysfunctional and abusive, and the birth of “something” that may end up being amazing or just a life boat for a few…only the future will tell!

In the meantime, we have to choose: do we want to continue this path of unsustainable debt, exploitation, lies, burnout, destruction, pollution and oppression? or do we want to explore other paths and see whether they could at least alleviate the suffering and the damage and maybe, just maybe, turn the entire machine towards a better direction?

They caught the wild children and put them in zoos,
They made them do sums and wear sensible shoes.
They put them to bed at the wrong time of day,
And made them sit still when they wanted to play.
They scrubbed them with soap and they made them eat cheese.
They made them behave and say pardon and please.
They took all their wisdom and wildness away.
That’s why there are none in the forests today.”
– Jeanne Willis

I don’t know you, but I know there are many still in the forest and many more going there…I also know that many of us who may not be able to leave all behind and settle in the forest (or the meadow, the coast, the lake, you get it) to regain a sense of fulfilling life, are still able to do a lot from where we are…we are maybe as important as the others, because it is in our hands the task to redefine our economies and how we live, make choices and work together.

It is also in our hands the decision whether we will continue feeding unsustainable and destructive corporations, or will we start growing our own food, producing, sharing and lobbing for locally and ethically produced energy and resources, eliminating the use of plastics and so on…
It is also in our hands to see how we free ourselves from livelihoods that support and feed the system and start entrepreneurships and livelihoods that create and feed the systems we want, for ourselves and others.
I do not know you, but I choose the later: I choose to figure out, to fight, to stay in the side of Life and People, because I care for both…and for their Future.
If you want to join me, here is a chance:
I’m starting an online permaculture course along with other 40+ women from around the world. These are authors, homesteaders, entrepreneurs and experts in their fields who have chosen life, sustainability and justice over comfort and security. They come from all walks of life and ages, and they are all caring, humble and absolutely inspiring!
But there is more:
This is promising to be a really different program, an opportunity for you to focus your design on your garden, farm, community food forest or garden, energy descent action plan, livelihood, co-op, grassroots group, organization, network: almost anything you can think of!
Because Permaculture principles and the vision of systems and patterns apply to all, not just to the garden! They help you see with new/ancient eyes and to start creating new systems that are truly regenerative and sustainable, not disjointed and destructive as the ones we have around.
Here are some extra benefits of taking this online and with people you are already connected (in person or online):
1. You’ll go at your own pace, you have up to a year to complete your design
2. You can re-visit the concepts, reflect and digest them as many times you need and want
3. You can create study circles with your peers and family and study together to allow the wisdom to permeate deeper
4. You can work on a project together and provide input and feedback from many, or you can work alone in your project with the support of others who care about your success
5. You still get 3 hours of tutoring (1-1) to complete your design with one of our amazing teachers
6. If you register through my link and put my name as your referral person, you’ll get an extra hour to discuss your livelihood and how you can make it more regenerative, ethical and sustainable, permaculture-based
7. If you are local (BC-based) you can have me as an in-person coach in your project and meet in person with other permaculturists in BC.
8. This is not your usual PDC: you’ll get 40+ extra hours (apart from the core PDC curriculum) on social and inner permaculture, decolonization and community organizing
9. The students already arriving at the forum are even more inspiring than us, teachers: their stories and their projects will inspire and feed your own project in ways that would go beyond a regular PDC: we have truly people from all places and genres, ages and backgrounds!
10. You’ll get to join the first ever women-led PDC with authentic, caring, revolutionary women from all around the world who will shake your life in a good way…
Are you ready???
Early bird tickets are now gone, but for close friends and family of those of you who approached me and got registered still may have up to 15% off if they register using my link till March 31 (midnight).
You absolutely need to connect with me first to get this discount, so please email or message me if you are interested!
Ask me more!

2 Comments on “Permaculture NOW

  1. Will you be repeating this course next year?

    On Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 4:30 PM, Mainstream Permaculture wrote:

    > Silvia TIC posted: ” “Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because > you know something. What you know, you can’t explain. But you feel it. You > felt it your entire life. That there’s something wrong with the world. You > don’t know what it is, but its there. Like a spl” >


    • For now we are open this one and registrations will be open until 2019. However the offer with 15% is only valid till this Saturday March 31. You can register now and decide to start later in the year, you’ll have up to one year to finish


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