Finally Here: Decolonizing Permaculture – First women-led Permaculture Certificate



40+ amazing women from all over the world coming together to teach permaculture and the evolving edge of permaculture: social and inner permaculture, decolonization, intersectionalization and cultural emergence…

A regular PDC offers 72 hours, but we are offering 100+!

Why? Because permaculture, as everything else, is evolving and stretching the edges, it wants to reach those who are usually left out and behind (and probably those who need it most). That is why we are offering this online, lifelong-access: this is a course for those who cannot afford to travel or take 2-weeks off from their busy lives. For those who believe permaculture needs to be applied locally, both at the individual and community levels, for those who want to avoid dumping more CO2 and want to use the skills to regenerate and support the Great Turning.

This is an all-women led course, with people like Looby MacNamara, author of many books and pioneer of social and inner permaculture and now cultural emergence; And people like Maddy Harland, editor of Permaculture Magazine and long-time permaculture activist herself; or like Heather Jo Flores, author of Food Not Lawns, activist, permaculturist, coach and amazing business woman…I could make the entire list here (and hey, including me, also teaching this!), but you got the point…

This is a PDC open to everyone: women, men and those from the LGTBQ communities, particular those from visible and invisible minorities (who are now the global majority), people too busy to travel to an ecovillage, people struggling with two jobs, people with young kids, people silently struggling with chronic illnesses or mental health, people who want change but don’t know how or where to start…

If you register using my link, you will help us to create more scholarships and will support my project of creating a full program for ecopreneurs, share this with family and friends and consider joining yourself!


You’ll get:

  • Full life access to the materials and any upgrades
  • 100+ hours of materials, videos, readings and activities organized in 37+ modules
  • 3+ hours of mentoring and 1-1 tutoring support from one or more of us, the instructors
  • Access to a moderated forum to exchange ideas and connect with other permaculturists around the world
  • A full valid certificate that may be accepted as university or college credit and may be useful in partnerships, projects and grants applications (signed by 40+ fully accredited and experienced permaculturists!)
  • Potential consultations with the most amazing women permaculturists in the world
  • A new vision on permaculture beyond the garden and the farm: a truly revolutionary, whole systems design process for regeneration (beyond sustainability) and resilience


With no more words, here is the link: Permaculture Design Certification Course with Advanced Training in Social, Emotional, and Cultural Transformation

Don’t waste time! Take the early bid offer before is too late!!!


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