Learning and expanding Permaculture – Free Advanced Days

Have you completed a PDC or an intro, or maybe you have learned permaculture on your own and now want to explore the guild of practitioners and see what is happening and what is possible? Or maybe you want to explore what next steps are possible in this amazing creative path?


Join my mentors and friends Kym and delvin at their “Advanced Permaculture Days:

  • June 9 Sunshine Coast
  • July 21 Vancouver

Share in a unique experience learning about permaculture design with a guild of other permaculture practioners. Open to anyone who considers themselves part of the permaculture movement.



  • Advanced Permaculture Design Curriculum
  • Potluck
  • Design Charrette
  • Garden Tour
  • Community Building
  • New Media and Video

The instructors:

Delvin Solkinson is community gardener dedicated to bringing creativity to the permaculture movement by creating free open source learning and teaching tools. He has completed a PDC, Diploma and Masters Degree with Bill Mollison and has done more than 20 advanced courses and teacher trainings. An accredited teacher through PI, PA and PRI, currently doing a doctorate in permaculture education. www.dewpermaculture.com


Kym Chi has received 3 certificates in Permaculture Design, completed a variety of teacher trainings and advanced trainings, has a diploma in Permaculture Education and studies plant medicine. She continues to take courses to grow her understanding of the natural world. Kym lives on the Sunshine Coast where she teaches Permaculture and runs a holistic healing practice. www.gigglingchitree.com

Free for all participants

Contact delvin@cosm.org for more detail


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