What’s Happening and Next Steps

This year promises to be almost full-immersion in my chosen path…while I still can’t say I’m free and fully “in” the Path I had left behind so long ago, I feel I’m closer and closer with each day that passes…

Look ahead and join me if you are around:

Last week, I finished a module on “the Art of Hosting” for an online all-women PDC produced by 40+ women from around the world under the Permaculture Women’s Guild. The online course will launch soon, so stay tuned!

For more info, visit the Permaculture Women’s Guild here: http://permaculturewomen.weebly.com/

This week, my position as a contract-coordinator (along with another amazing young woman) for the Work That Reconnects Network was formalized…I’ll be behind the curtains of this amazing initiative, please check the current website, subscribe to the newsletter and read the Deep Times Journal, co-produced by many of us in the Network, here:


In March I’m joining a Coyote Mentoring workshop happening at OUR Ecovillage, want to learn more? Check it here: https://www.thrivingroots.org/

Also in March and throughout the year, I will be teaching the usual food sovereignty workshops at UBC-Farm, check them out here (not all the workshops posted are led by me, you are welcome to register to those that attract your attention): http://ubcfarm.ubc.ca/workshops/


In April, I will be attending the Gaia Education Train of Trainers as I am currently completing the EDE online (highly recommended for anyone wanted to deepen into true sustainability for their own lives or for community work, also recommended for designers, architects and civil engineers, community economic developers and educators who want to understand more about whole-systems thinking and design.

Here is the link for the EDE Online:

Here is the link for the Gaia Train of Trainers I’ll be attending: https://ourecovillage.org/2018-gaia-education-training-of-trainers-canada/

In May, I will be co-teaching some modules for OUR Ecovillage EDE and will co-facilitate a “Work that Reconnects” workshop for anyone who shows up, plus the EDE learners: https://ourecovillage.org/the-ecovillage-design-education-programme/

And in September, I will be attending the Cultural Emergence Design retreat with Looby MacNamara and my permaculture friend and mentor, Delvin Solkinson: https://allevents.in/roberts%20creek/cultural-emergence-design-web/1969192420074259

Finally, I’m working on perfecting my own coaching practices and designing a few online workshops that will be posted in CourseCraft later this year…online workshops (and webinars) are a great way to become more sustainable with sharing our skills: while is really important to “be” together and there’s nothing that can replace a hug, a pat on the back and a good chat with a real friend or like-minded person, studying (and teaching) online saves CO2 emissions, trees, money and time (you don’t need to travel, you don’t need printed materials, you spend less as you would sleep and eat at home and you can show up at your own pace, going back-and-forth through the materials as much as you need to)…for more “personal approaches”, I suggest people to take the online workshops and then start a study circle in their communities, with family or friends, so they can have the best from both worlds!

If you want to start your own online workshops/courses business, let me know! For now, I suggest you sign up using my link (and supporting my cause without paying more $$$), if you do, let me know and I can offer a 1-hour 1-1 coaching to help you organize and start!

Here is the link for you to start!: https://coursecraft.net/ref/rkwf1H

If you want to stay up-to-date with information about permaculture, sustainability, the work that reconnects, workshops and more, please subscribe to my newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/e040d7ff23d9/mainstreampermaculture

I am also an affiliate for many Heather Jo Flores online courses. I supported her with some permaculture-based coaching last year and now I’m seeing her flourishing beyond expectations! She wrote the book “Food Not Lawns” and is an amazing permaculture teacher, coach and writer, check her different courses and register using my links (it won’t cost you more but it will support my own independence and causes):

Have an idea, a goal but not sure how to make it work? Or are completely uncertain about what’s your place in the world and how you can contribute? Try “Find Your Niche: Use permaculture to find your purpose, unleash your magic, and make money.”

Have a lot of new patterns or new year resolutions you want to work on but don’t know how to start or keep the momentum? Try “Design Your Daily Practice 10-day Habit-Changing Bliss Blitz

Or you may be into writing and want to use it as a tool for social change? Try “Ecofeminist Archetypes: How to write characters that subvert patriarchy

Or, if you want to go deeper into writing, try “A Heroine’s Journey: Feminist storycraft workshop for radical women writers

If you want to start from zero and have the time to commit to a really engaging program that will turn your life around, I suggest to take a look at “Decolonize Yourself Creative Immersion

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