Happy New Year! Food Sovereignty 101

Dig garden

To all who garden and preserve food, to all who care for food sovereignty: Happy New Year 2018!

Is winter, time to slow down and set goals for the rest of the year, time for planning the garden and re-assessing the pantry.

Here are some ideas to start or improve your food sovereignty:

At the individual and family level:

  • Buy local and season food
  • Reduce the consumption of meat and dairy, if you do eat meat & dairy, try organic, grass fed, local farms and their products and take time to know who they are and how they work and treat their animals
  • Buy in bulk to save and build a resilience pantry with food staples such as grains, legumes, flours, oils, spices, etc.
  • Join a local CSA to get the food you can’t produce at home
  • Learn a new food preservation technique: from root cellaring in small spaces to canning, including fermenting, pickling, freezing, salting and drying, there are plenty to choose from!
  • Start or continue sprouting seeds to get fresh “veggies” during winter time
  • Plan and design your garden: you can start in a balcony or window or use a full yard, depending on your space availability, skills and time
  • Check seeds catalogues and start planning your orders
  • Plan your meals so you reduce or avoid food waste
  • Start or continue a compost system for food scraps
  • Have “community kitchen” sessions with neighbours, family or friends and exchange recipes, food sovereignty tips and ideas
  • Learn a new skill to make food from scratch: from fruit vinegars to kombucha, plant based cheeses, yogurt, bread, there are many things to learn and explore!
  • Try new meals and foods: check for new recipes, try a new legume or vegetable, a new spice or fruit you haven’t tried before. Exchange food and recipes with someone from a culture different from yours.
  • Learn Permaculture!

At the community level:

  • Start a garden tool exchange between neighnours to save money on tools and increase community resilience
  • Start or expand a local community garden
  • Start a food exchange or a shared pantry
  • Have community parties to exchange ideas, tips and recipes and share food
  • Start a community hub for seed and tools exchange and holding workshops on food skills
  • Start or join a local Permaculture hub/guild

Resources you can check:

Workshops related to food security and sovereignty (some of then run by me!):


Sprouting seeds you can buy in bulk: http://sprouting.com/

BC Seeds libraries per region: http://www.bcseeds.org/bc-seed-libraries/
CSA’s list per region: http://www.farmfolkcityfolk.ca/resources/knowledge-pantry/csa/

Tips for eating locally in winter: http://www.farmfolkcityfolk.ca/resources/knowledge-pantry/winter/

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