If You Seeded Flowers…


And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been
~ Rainer Maria Rilke

What a year, 2017 you have been!

You brought both losses and new experiences and friends

I probably did more (and travelled more) than in any of the previous years together. I lost friendships and connections that never were real and gained new ones that feel “homey” even when we have seen each other only a couple of times

I invested in dreams, peoples and organizations that showed to be unrealistic, fake or incongruent with their stated mission and values; this winter, there’s a lot for me to let go and compost

There was never a year in my life before where I had so many doubts, crossroads, temptations and betrayals

There was never a year in my life before where I had so much of soul searching, callings and encounters with the mystery of nature and humans

What would 2018 bring?

Nobody knows. The world is messier than ever: darkness, ignorance, denial and numbness are advancing very fast. We have shows to entertain ourselves, malls to buy things we don’t need, online offers, even learning has become a thing to numb ourselves and distract us from the real work ahead…

But there is also Light spreading: this is reflected in the many young and not so young but all wonderful people I’ve met this year, the many no so young invested in the Great Turning, the many waking up to this reality and looking for change

There is a saying that assures that a year will bring whatever you have seeded the year before. If you accumulated stuff, you’ll get debt. If you betrayed your values, you’ll get regret. If you eat too much, you’ll get fat. You get the idea…

If you have seeded flowers, you’ll get flowers.

There’s still time as spring is coming: if we compost enough of the old during this winter, let go of what haven’t served us and make space for the good and truthful, we may still collect flowers

For those who have been following my blog, I wish you a wonderful year full of awareness, mindfulness and changes: a year for you to find your path if you haven’t, to make that decision that you have been dragging, a year to find what you have been looking for and to show the person you really are

Please also take your time to visit my other blog here: Silvia Di Blasio

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