Choosing Permaculture – 2.5 Days Intro

The ultimate end to a growth economy is the same as an analagous growth: cancer. But for national economies, the victims are nature, soils, forests, people, water, and quality of life. There is one, and only one, solution, and we have almost no time to try it. We must turn all our resources to repairing the natural world, and train all our young people to help. They want to. We need to give them this last chance to create forests, soils, clean waters, clean energies, secure communities, stable regions, and to know how to do it from hands-on experience.” ~ Bill Mollison

When faced with the many challenges of the world, what do you choose?

I choose to be present to the pain for our world, be proactive and do what I can with what I have, wherever I am…

Learning how Permaculture can help you think in systems and patterns, organize and design your life and livelihood so it becomes more coherent with the values of life, interconnectedness, stewardship and caring as oppose to selfish and individual salvation/survival, comfort at all costs for other beings and numbness, denial and escapism…

If you can’t spare two weeks or the cost is prohibitive at this time, then consider coming for 2.5 days and have a taste of how Permaculture works…

For those who have been following my blogs, explorations, projects and articles, you may already know that Permaculture is much more than going off the grid and rowing food in a sustainable fashion: it includes how we choose to live, where and how we get the energy that supports our transportation, heating, cooking and so forth. The way and the areas we work, the everyday choices we make.

You can even get rid of the word “Permaculture” as Bill Mollison’s quote below says…what matters is what you can do in the place you are and with the circumstances you have around. It is not about “ideal” living or choices but about being as ethical and caring as you can be in your own current life circumstances.



For those we yearn for the next steps in designing a sustainable life…choosing permaculture as a path forward will bring more opportunities than can be imagined. If you do not have time for a 15 day course (April 28th-May 14th at OUR) – you might want to at least come for a 2.5 day intro and see what it is all about! Working with Star Hawk, Charles Williams, and Brandy Gallagher offers learners some of the most interconnected systems design approach….from social permaculture, to energy systems, to waste systems, to economic, to food — and so much more!

More info and registration:



Come to OUR Ecovillage for a fantastic mini-taste of Permaculture! (Friday evening + Saturday and Sunday all day)

Taught by: Starhawk, Charles Williams, Brandy Gallagher, and other fantastic guest teachers!

April 28th: intro to place-based learning and immersed learning environments. Dinner and full site tour followed by campfire circle and building community connection.

April 29th: Overview of PDC curriculum, theory introduction–Ethics and Principles Day Evening Program: Principles in Practice

April 30th: Patterns, Systems Theory and how/why Permaculture and Ecological Design is changing the face of building and living
**includes dorm (bring own bedroll or can upgrade to full dorm with linens, or EcoB&B private or semi-private), all meals, Friday evening and Sat/Sun program, reference literature, access to all site activities ie: sauna, library, etc while onsite.

More info and registration:

Great changes are taking place. These are not as a result of any one group or teaching, but as a result of millions of people defining one or more ways in which they can conserve energy, aid local self-reliance, or provide for themselves. All of us would acknowledge our own work as modest; it is the totality of such modest work that is impressive. There is so much to do, and there will never be enough people to do it. We must all try to increase our skills, to model trials, and to pass on the results. If a job is not being done, we can form a small group and do it. It doesn’t matter if the work we do carries the “permaculture” label, just that we do it.” ~ Bill Mollison

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