Unedited and Uncensored


What do you say to a mother whose son has committed suicide?

There are no words, just regrets, angst, pain, fear and even anger for a society who pushes so much disconnection that kids have no clue where they stand, no anchor to count on, no future to dream about.

Yesterday, the son of an acquaintance took his life. He was the same age of my son, who is also in despair about the world.

What do you say to an entire species who is committing suicide? Worse: what do you say to them if in their suicidal path they are happily taking other species’ lives?

Thousands of books, articles, papers and blog-posts have been written; documentaries been made, marches and petitions been called.

Yet, today Mr President approved the XL and Dakota pipelines; just yesterday, he passed a policy where it makes impossible for NGO’s to get funding for anything related to planned parenthood (I’m not pro-abortion, but without proper planning and education, instead of reducing, this actually increases the number of girls recurring to abortion that would be dangerous and unsupervised)

They say it is not environmentally a big deal, because we certainly have thousands of pipelines around the world. “It is just another pipeline”, right?

Imagine if for each child abused or killed we say “it is just another child”, imagine if for each species going extinct we say “it is just another species, we have many still left” , imagine if for every suicide we say “is just another kid gone, we are overpopulated anyway”…

In the meantime, what I see is divisiveness: are we being black enough, native-American enough, LGTBQ enough, Asian enough, or Muslin enough? What if the last march was whiter than it should, what if Madonna shouldn’t have spoken about revolution because of her wealth, what if the hats were imported, what if permaculture follows Bill, David or Geoff?

I posted in my Facebook wall:

“Please, stop the hurt. Let it stop with you. Stop blaming, shaming, gossiping, judging, hating, name calling, destroying, polluting, trolling, oppressing, abusing, neglecting, not caring, ignoring, hurting yourself and others…can’t you see that all that just perpetuates the hurt? STOP!!!”

No amount of yoga, meditation, prayers, veganism or whatever is our chosen way of escapism will bring that kid back, my sister away from her mental illness abyss or the ecosystems already destroyed or threatened by those pipelines.

At the end of the day, if you were black, yellow or pink won’t affect the outcome.

The only thing that will at least redeem those who have already fallen victims of this madness we call civilization/society is our proactive, intentional CHANGE and ACTION, one individual at a time, one species, ecosystem, struggle at a time.

Starting by how we think, feel and our attitudes, following by what we do every day, what we eat, wear and use for moving from place to place, to the places we inhabit and how we approach others, to the level of our engagement in things that will feel increasingly uncomfortable and even dangerous. And a deep, honest and caring engaging with the Earth and its elements and beings. Not a fake one, not one that choses some and not others, not a “nice and clean” approach but a truly courageous engagement with all…

Otherwise, these are my words, posted today in my wall:

“Then just go home and watch the next TV show, bury yourself in your cellphone forever, drink as many beers as you want or buy the next thing that will bring you temporary “joy”. Do nothing. Take anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills. Carry on. Because, after all, we already have filled the oceans with plastic, the landscape with garbage, the communities with homeless and addicts, the streets with crime, the peoples of the world with hunger, our workplaces with anxiety and boredom, our homes with dysfunction, our pockets with debt…we have already killed so many species, and sent people to suicide, wars, psychosis and panic attacks…”

I wonder how many may “un-friend” me or just take me as a nut case. I wonder how many would understand that I can be both very compassionate and outraged at the same time.

I wonder, I’m praying (and I’m not religious), WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP?! Both in my individual life, my work, my family, my community and the world at large…

What is the next uncensored, unedited next step for each one of us?

2 Comments on “Unedited and Uncensored

  1. First, how extremely it is for this woman (and her son)!!!

    I cannot for a moment fathom why Trump would want to stop planned parenting. Just what is his game???

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    • Yes Helen, we have to be strong and together, there’s no other way around…things are going get worse before they get better, and we may have lots of casualties, usually those who cannot reach out for support or don’t know how, so it is everyone’s responsibility to pay more attention and connect, offer compassion and a helping hand…

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