I do believe in an everyday sort of magic — the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of moments of synchronicity; the whispered voice, the hidden presence, when we think we’re alone.”
~ Charles de Lint

At various points in our lives, or on a quest, and for reasons that often remain obscure, we are driven to make decisions which prove with hindsight to be loaded with meaning. (225)”
~ Swami Satchidananda, The Yoga Sutras


There are two types of synchronicity: the disconnected one and the connected one.

In today’s world, we are so disconnected (from ourselves, each other and nature) that we have lost the capacity to even “read” and use synchronicity in our lives.

Either we have become blind to the marvels around us, the many signs that lead us to our path, the many people and happenings that come to bring us support, open doors and guide us to where we belong. Or we have developed copying mechanisms and dysfunctional patterns against the lack of connection around us and therefore co-created “negative” synchronicity for ourselves and the things we care about.

I don’t know where synchronicity comes from: I leave that open for interpretation. What I know is that it works: I’ve seen it in my own life and that of others around me. Synchronicity is made out of the “mantle” that covers everyone and everything, a sort of “umbrella” that is more than the sum of the individuals covered under it.

Jon Young (author of “Coyote’s guide to connecting to nature”) shares an example of this: an ensemble of musicians is made up of many individuals, usually four. While each one of them is an individual person with abilities for music, when they have performed and practiced together for long enough, “something else” appears and takes place: suddenly and without planning or even looking at each other, they are capable of performing complex music and even improvise as if they were a single “soul”…that’s the “mantle” and we all have one, including the Earth.

Synchronicity happens when we are aligned and connected with ourselves, each other and the earth in such a way that we see clear what our purpose, passion and gifts are. Then things start happening around us in a somewhat “magical” way: from dreams to the way nature or others support us to how we start showing up in the “right” places at the “right” times and connecting with the “right” people…

Many indigenous cultures knew and used this for the initiation rites of their young and for guidance in their lives and that of their communities.

When we started disconnecting ourselves, we started ignoring or distorting the meaning synchronicity has for us.

Since I started my own journey into awareness and awakening, I have been blessed with plenty of synchronicity. At the beginning I didn’t understand it, but I did see the difference between “this” new synchronicity and the old one…and suddenly things started to take shape, as if all my life, including the shadows, the pain, the struggles were all linked by an invisible, yet meaningful string that has trying to guide me from the beginning: the mantle.

We all have gifts, but they are not ours to keep or decide. Our gifts have only one function: to be given away by serving others. That is when and how synchronicity is at its best.

May 2017 invite you into your gifts and may synchronicity guide you to share them with those who need them the most.

For those with the time and resources to attend, Jon Young will be in Salt Spring Island by the end of this month. I’m trying synchronicity to work with me so I can attend as well:

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