Growing Food in Small Spaces materials:

These are materials shared at the THESA Conference presentation last Friday, October 21

It is my hope that we create more spaces for children and teenagers to learn about how to grow food and the connections between different parts of an ecosystem.

I would love to present on permaculture principles and design in schools, but for now, I can only spread the word and love for this toolkit that allows us to regain hope for the world and more tangibly take back our food, where it comes from, how it is grown, preserved, consumed and distributed.

Apart from growing food and permaculture, I’m available to teach and do demos of food preservation (fermentation, pickling, canning, etc.), food preparation from scratch (cheese-making both dairy and non-dairy), break-making, vinegar-making, etc.

PPT: growing-food-in-small-spaces-final

Homemade soil pdf free to download:home-made-soil-mix-for-containers

Permaculture in small spaces:permaculture-in-containers

Basic composting:composting-in-small-spaces

For information about soil biology, excellent article by Elaine Ingham:

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