Reflections about Transformation

Such a beautiful poem…touches me when I most needed. Proof that we are all somewhat connected, sisters and brothers, cells of the same body, all going through the same at different paces and levels.

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

So much easier dreamt than spoken
So much simpler said than done
The process of transformation
never-ending once it has begun

Though you listen deeply for the next steps
the journey will test your mind and spirit
You’ll reach the breaking point again and again
The epiphany may be there but you cannot hear it

The path you’ve chosen will tempt you to abandon hope
confront you with your deepest nightmare fears
unleash powerful emotions you thought controlled
drive you to distraction and call forth your bitter tears

Forgive yourself for faltering and desiring the long journey’s final end
Find the strength within to continue, let compassionate thoughts ascend
Perhaps someday you’ll glance back and, only then, be able to comprehend
why it’s so much easier to dream than overcome suffering in order to transcend


Sun breaking through clouds over ocean Sun breaking through clouds over ocean

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