Pages updates (August 21, 2016)

Dear readers,

I’m slowly working on re-structuring this blog so it better fulfils its goals (spread the wisdom of permaculture living).

I presented a workshop on “growing food in small spaces” yesterday at UBC-Farm and promised the group I would post some updates on soil management, composting and amendments.

Yesterday teaching in the yurt
Yesterday teaching in the yurt

I will continue updating the pages as time allows me to do so.

UBC-Farm yurt
UBC-Farm yurt

As a reminder, this blog is structured as follows:

  1. There are fixed areas where you can find information about permaculture and its many applications. I try to match them with urban living as my goal is to help the majority of people who are not able to buy or access land and go off the grid. In this update, I have added pages and/or information to the following sections:
    1. Soil (and all its sub-pages)
    2. Teaching Permaculture
    3. Applied Ecopsychology
  2. This is also a blog, which means that if you subscribe, you may receive updates on topics and articles I write in random order depending on what’s going on for me, my readings and learning, my projects or the world in general. I’m currently in a process of cleaning and organizing the posts so you can get back to those “hits” I wrote years ago but may still be useful, fun or interesting

Please feel free to provide feedback, ask for topics or let me know if you see a mistake, broken link, etc.

Namaste, I salute the sacred in you…



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