Inner Permaculture – Life Questions and a Project


What is “Life”?

Do we have a “Purpose”?

Should our livelihood reflect our interests, skills and values or is that another middle class concept?

Should our households, businesses, organizations and communities reflect our deepest concerns about the world as a whole?

What are we really responsible for?

What’s the extent of our circles of concern and how do they intersect with our circles of impact?

Do we human beings have “agency” (the ability to make real choices/decisions) or is that an illusion, a limited privilege only a few in the world have? And if our agency is limited or non-existent, is there anything we can do to empower and support each other to navigate life challenges with dignity and make our best from its opportunities?

Is realizing our “full potential” a contradiction for caring for others, the planet and future generations?

Can we “growth” without polluting and overusing resources?

What are your questions?

Walking on the coast
Walking on the coast

Mine came through a business model that may allow me to explore my own questions, my own experiences, skills and interests…and “making a living while making a difference”…a model we are exploring (“we are a bunch of friends, transitioners, permaculturists, career and life coaches, social activists…) to see what happens…

What if we can not only be a role model (walk the talk and make mistakes first so others feel more comfortable and empowered to go through the same)? What if we can coach and support people through their transitioning towards simplicity, ethical living (and livelihoods), energy descent, taking control of their own needs, becoming more self-reliant, resilient and fulfilled?

Explore my new adventure, provide feedback and send me your questions:


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