Blog Updates!!!

Dancing in Gabriola Island's beaches
Dancing in Gabriola Island’s beaches

Hello everybody!

Life always amazes me, with ups, downs and exciting, sometimes stressing turns, but always interesting!

It’s been a terribly busy summer with tons of projects and ideas spiced by a not-so-good health and a roller coaster of frustrations and dead ends, great surprises and inspirational encounters…with all the stuff and the drought and heat, I was expecting a calmer Fall season, but it turned out to be another roller coaster in itself, with a change of landscape in terms of work and studies…

The dream I had is not yet possible (working part-time and dedicating more time to teach what I call “practical permaculture” through resilient-building workshops, dedicating more time to my diploma in Permaculture and herbalism and to change things around the house so we “simplify, simplify”…); however, “things happen for a reason” and I’m deeply grateful and  even excited to see what life has in store for all of us…

In the meantime, I have been playing with the website layout and added some new stuff to some of the fixed sections such as:




Local Resources Vancouver and Beyond:

I will continue keeping myself busy with my projects “outside mainstream”:

  • Food Preservation Series (with a second part on “Food Fermentation” September 12, where we will be exploring how to ferment not only cabbage, but also zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, entire sauces and beets and even how to make our own cider vinegar. We will be exploring fermentation equipment and supplies, challenges and troubleshooting (contact me if you are curious or want to participate!)
  • First Aid with a touch of Permaculture: the next course will take place at OUR Ecovillage on September 26 and 27
  • Designing the entire gardens and patios for two friends: one who doesn’t have time or want to spend it caring for plants and one for a young colleague who is crazy about starting her Permaculture garden!
  • Continuing with my studies of Permaculture through the Permaculture Diploma with my mentor at Gaia Craft and through selected courses at Gaia College
  • Continuing with my diploma in herbalism through Dominion College and exploration, collection of herbs and “weeds” for my herbarium and herbal medicine shelf
  • Continuing with the choice of simplifying my life and all around me beyond the fact that I’m not an isolated individual and cannot change those around me until they are ready to change by themselves (but at least I can still try to show them the path and act with as much compassion as I may be able to express, even when this is many a time a frustrating and painful act)
  • Keeping this blog as much updated as I can (you may have noticed that the tone has changed: it started as an “opinion” blog where I posted analysis and my own views on topics ranging from climate change and resource depletion to social and environmental justice and now has become a more “practical” blog where I plan to share my adventures with the real stuff happening in my life and around, to see if my own mistakes and challenges can help others in their own path from mainstream to true permaculture…)

Feel free to share your feedback, expectations and your own projects. Each path is different, all lead to the same place.



3 Comments on “Blog Updates!!!

  1. The additions and changes to your blog are lovely and make so much it easier to read, Sylvia. And I love the hobbit house photo in your header!

    As always, I look forward to reading about your adventures and learning from you 🙂


    • Thanks Carol! The little cob (hobbit) house is the children’s play house at OUR Ecovillage, the other one is the tool shed, and among their apparently “messy” garden, there is an abundance of non traditional (but more resilient) food made of weeds, edible perennials and flowers…

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  2. I think it is valuable to share experiences. Opinions are always interesting to read, so don’t give up on those if you want to share them. At the same time, I think that people are more interested by deeds than ideas.

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