Paths to Active Hope

God made a beauteous garden
With lovely flowers strown,
But one straight, narrow pathway
That was not overgrown.
And to this beauteous garden
He brought mankind to live,
And said “To you, my children,
These lovely flowers I give.
Prune ye my vines and fig trees,
With care my flowers tend,
But keep the pathway open
Your home is at the end
God’s Garden”
~ Robert Frost

Paths to gardening and active hope (Courtesy of David from Village Surrey)
Paths to gardening and active hope (Courtesy of David from Village Surrey)

The greatest change we need to make is from consumption to production, even if on a small scale, in our own gardens. If only 10% of us do this, there is enough for everyone. Hence the futility of revolutionaries who have no gardens, who depend on the very system they attack, and who produce words and bullets, not food and shelter.”
~ Bill Mollison

We take too many things for granted: the food in the supermarkets, the water from the tap, the clothes from the mall and the energy lighting and heating (or cooling) everything every time we turn a switch.

Miracles such as the birth of a child, the hatch out of a bird’s egg, the starting of a new plantlet are seen (or worse, ignored) as a routine background, yet every-single-day those trees out there that we are allowing to dry out and burn have worked to transform CO2, sun and water into energy and matter that we later eat, use as shelter or furniture. Even more: producing the air we breathe!

If you are overwhelmed by the challenges we face, if you think you are too old, too weak, too busy or too unskilled to do anything that matters…if you think it is too late or too complicated to change your lifestyle and everything what’s needed to turn this wheel seems just too much, I suggest you do just one thing: start a garden!

You don’t need to own land nor have a big yard: I started mine in my balcony years ago…

My starting herbs
My starting herbs

You don’t need a PhD: I just love seeds, plants and soil; the formal learning came much later…and is still in process!

You don’t need to do all by yourself: after trying for years, I finally was lucky enough to be part of an emerging community garden with amazing people to learn with and share the ups and downs…

My crazy garden plot
My crazy garden plot

As we say in Permaculture: start slow, start small…and watch the miracle of life evolve in front of your eyes…

Here is an excellent visual report of our Food for Thought Community Garden by our friend David from Village Surrey:

The Garden: photo courtesy of David from Village Surrey
The Garden: photo courtesy of David from Village Surrey

Village Surrey in combination with Friends of the Grove is creating a “Community Garden Signpost” for people in our area to know where all gardens are located…

Flowers from my balcony/bag potatoes
Flowers from my balcony/bag potatoes

However many years she lived, Mary always felt that ‘she should never forget that first morning when her garden began to grow’.”
~ Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

P.S.: Need more Active Hope?

Join me and my Food Action Coalition friends next July 25 from 10 am to 1 pm for a Crazy Food Preservation/Fermentation Workshop (more to come in August and September!)

Food Preservation Take 1

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