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The problem is: we are just 35 years shy from 2050…I have heard of the need to reduce emissions since at least 1992 (that is 23 years ago) and no country has truly met their reductions targets. All of them “plan to reduce by” but nobody is doing anything NOW that has enough impact…we are told that 350 is the safe threshold, then 2 C, the World Bank says that should avoid 4 C…and there is always a “window” (“the window of opportunity to act is reducing”)…we know about limits since the 1970’s and also more recently about planetary boundaries…it is not only about climate change and CO2…it is about social inequality, financial instability, widespread resources abuse, waste and pollution, water and soil scarcity, biodiversity loss…

I would like to believe in fairies, but reality is showing otherwise…I don’t think there is enough political and financial will to move this towards the right direction fast enough to avoid catastrophic results, many of them are already being felt by lots of peoples and species who are migrating, suffering the consequences of war, resource depletion, draughts and the like…even if it were possible to full stop right now, how do you mobilize and transition fast enough all the current infrastructure, entire systems (including water supply, food, medicine, health care, etc) from fossil-dependent to renewable? How do you scale up something that is impossible to scale up to the same level? And how do you plan to avoid the impact of sudden decarbonization when the void of pollution creates a free avenue for greenhouse emissions to warm us even more?

Instead of unrealistic “solutions” and delusions, we should be looking at the most likely reality and prepare people and ecosystems for that: without attachment to the outcome, do the right thing because it is the right thing, and pray for the least hurting scenario to take place…

Fighting Extinction.

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