Seeds – From Story to Preservation – Two events

Are you interested in taking a leadership role in starting or running seed libraries in Surrey? Are you interested in seed saving and sharing?

There are two great events you can’t miss!


Next Wednesday, May 13, at 5:30 pm, the Surrey Seed Library will be convening a meeting of people interested in taking a leadership role in running seed libraries in Surrey. The meeting will take place at the Ocean Park Library.

LifeCycles would like to act as a cultivator by supporting local communities in creating and running seed libraries. They can provide seeds and tools to manage your seed collection.

This meeting is a first step towards empowering multiple communities in Surrey to grow and share seed.

If you are interested in regional seed security and food sovereignty, please consider coming or inviting others who may be interested.

Also, on May 20 at 6 PM, Village Surrey will have its “Community Shift” presenting the documentary “Open Sesame the Story of Seeds”. This will also be an incredible opportunity to meet people from Arocha, Surrey Urban Farmers Market, Burns Bog and many others involved in biodiversity preservation, food security and community resilience…

Watch the trainer:

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