How Do You Want to Live Your Life?

This book is much more about solutions than about problems, more about what we can do in the present situation than about how we came to be in it in the first place. Yet there’s no escaping the fact that the Earth is in a dire state, and getting worse. In the twenty-three years I’ve been actively involved in the ecological movement almost every aspect of planetary health has got worse.

“This raises the question: Is it all worth it? If we do our best to heal the Earth and make our place in her a sustainable one, is there a good chance that we will succeed? Or is it a forlorn hope? It’s a big question, and one which can lead to depression if we look at the facts honestly and dispassionately. But to my mind it’s the wrong question. Even if we could answer it – and we can never know anything about the future for certain – it would beg the question, How do I want to live my life?” ~ Patrick Whitefield in The Earth Care Manual


Burning Candle  by SOMMAL Stock Photo - image ID: 10069033 from:
Burning Candle by SOMMAL Stock Photo – image ID: 10069033 from:

Today, I learned that one of the most dedicated and well-known Permaculture teachers in the world passed away.

I knew about Patrick Whitefield through two of his books: Permaculture in a Nutshell and The Earth Care Manual. Various of his articles are also featured at The Permaculture Teachers Guide, and his videos can be seen in Youtube. You can visit his website here:

While I didn’t meet Patrick personally, it is always sad when people who have dedicated so much to healing and regenerating Earth ecosystems pass away: we feel something important has left…but in reality, they have just transitioned to another state: they are now part of that they so much loved: Earth and all her systems

But the major impact I have received not only from Patrick’s words (above) but from the entire Permaculture community, is the words with which he asks us to make a decision:

“How Do You Want To Live Your Life?”

R.I.P. Patrick Whitefield…and thank you for the gift!

When death finds you, may it find you fully alive.” – African Proverb

One Comment on “How Do You Want to Live Your Life?

  1. I’m glad I’ve found permaculture. Have not read any of Patrick Whitfield’s books but he asked a very good question.

    I think the Earth will continue to be neglected and get in an increasingly sorry state but the more people do now the more knowledge there will be in the future to make life viable when the time comes.

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