New hands-on Permaculture Desing Certificate

O snail
Climb Mount Fuji,
But slowly, slowly!”


James Richardson was my first official Permaculture instructor. You can trust that his is a very hands-on, dynamic and interactive PDC where nothing will be left untouched!

Now James is coming back to the Lower Mainland to offer his:

Permaculture Design Certification Course

@ UBC Farm 2015

Presented by the Conscious Design Collective

With support from the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems and University of British Columbia.

June 27th – July 18th, 2015 | $975 – 1275


“Please join us for a dynamic, internationally recognized certificate course on the principles and practice of Permaculture Design. We will guide you to finding practical applications of sustainable design in urban and rural contexts though presentations, interactive design activities, and applied hands-on sessions.”

Details and registration here:

See flyer: Permaculture Design Certification Course FLYER 2015

My view:

After taking a PDC with James, I started a second PDC with Delvin from Gaia Craft and have been accepted as his mentee for a Permaculture Diploma. Slowly but stubbornly, I’m working through my readings, reflections and taking up as many projects as my busy life allows me to.

I recommend to all who want to explore Permaculture seriously and eventually teach, to experiment as much as possible on your own and with friends’ yards and community gardens and to take at least a second PDC: it is incredible how a second PDC allows you to see and settle all what you learned but now with much more mature eyes.

Also, ease PDC teacher is unique and you will benefit from being exposed to different styles and approaches: Permaculture is huge and it is impossible that one instructor can cover it all in one PDC.

Permaculture may mean different things for different people: for some, it is just a different way of gardening and growing more food. For others, it is a new paradigm through which to see all the systems we depend on: from energy to water, to shelter to food and much more. For others, Permaculture may represent the only conscious and ethical way to deal with the many predicaments we are facing.

No matter what your approach may be, I encourage you to explore it with your heart full of love, your knees on the ground and your hands full of seeds and mud…

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