Update on this Blog ~ To all Mainstream Permaculture followers


Hi everybody,

Well, winter times are usually darker (and colder). More time to read, write and reflect but also for planning, dreaming and recharging batteries for what’s coming: endless days at the garden, feeling the soil, building with our hands, caring for the beauty and wonder of this unique planet.

I have blogged a lot about the state of the world, but I haven’t been just doing that!

In the meantime, I have also started working on populating the “fixed” zones of this and this websites, so you may have more resources, ideas and tools to start or continue your Permaculture project.

I always add new things, but as they appear as “pages” and not as blog posts, if you are “following” me you may not see them pop up on your email, you would have to search them under each category.

Starting this month, I will change this approach and start posting (and the converting to pages) so you can get more from Permaculture and self-reliance through your email.

Currently, I am working on a couple of personal projects that involve community resilience and DM/EP, so Mainstream permaculture may slow down for a bit.

Please feel free to pop around and…provide feedback. I would also like to know what are you doing at your home, business, school or organization: the more we share, the more we learn from each other.

There are many websites out there with great resources on Permaculture, Transition and the like. Mine is a bit different and I’m still trying to “find my voice” and my style: the struggle is how to apply Permaculture and build resilience where is probably most needed: cities and suburbs.

Why? Because most people (54%) live in urban areas, cities are the most vulnerable places to face climate change and resource depletion.

There are changes already on their way in many cities around the world, but their number is small compared to what’s left: most people not only live “mainstream” , unsustainable lives, but also more and more dream to move and live in the cities than people willing (and able) to move back to the land…

A big reality is money: land cost money, land is private property. For most of us, leaving the city is beyond a dream: it is not achievable.

The second reality is policies and by-laws: most cities are regulated around basic needs such as water, waste, humanure, use of land, animals and plants and even food: it is not always easy to disconnect yourself from the grid, dig a well, compost humanure, have chickens or grow food.

There is another reason not many see: when people “find” simplicity and decide to become better with themselves, others and the environment they start “de-cluttering” and “shedding”. They also try to minimize their impact by disconnecting from systems (the grid, mainstream economics, etc) and by focusing on themselves: changing within.

The challenge with the approach above is that (because we live in a closed system), when you de-clutter you are “cluttering” something or somebody else…and when you disconnect, you may be impacting others as well…”saving” yourself” may be a great thing to do, but it is not for sure have a big (or even good) impact on the world.

This blog was started with the goal of sharing my own journey as well as resources, projects and other things I may come across.

I have two other blogs (three actually) where I post about other stuff and somewhat lately things have all combined and ended up here. I have a kinda “formal” blog for career planning, a second blog focused only on Disaster Management and Emergency Preparedness and a third where I share my thoughts about the state of the world…

I promise from now on this will be a blog focused on Permaculture for those like me, living in cities and holding regular jobs but trying to live a simpler life while contributing to the resilience of their communities.

If you have enjoyed my long blurbs about the “un sustainability” of our society, I suggest you start following me at: Living as if Others Really Mattered

If you have enjoyed the small contributions to Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Management an Survival (both city and wilderness), please follow this one:

If you want consultations about career planning, settlement (as an immigrant) or are looking for a job, follow me here before I completely abandon my own current “career” to fully dedicate to Permaculture and resilience (this will happen sooner than you think)

If you have any feedback about the design, the focus or topics for any of the blogs, feel free to contact me.

If you wonder how I manage to deal with four blogs (plus the other two organizations for which I occasionally blog), a full-time job, a family, diverse university studies, community workshops, Permaculture projects, two gardens and my own self, try ditching the TV and all the pointless “busy-ness” and embrace passion for life. I do fall asleep (late), or feel tired, sick or frustrated but many who know me closer say I’m a sort of “machine”, never quiet and always bounce back (have a built-in mechanism of survival).I am good at what I do when I choose to do it and I rarely do what I don’t like doing unless there is no other choice.

Thank you all for following, bearing and supporting me through my “dark side”…


At a community event. Summer 2013
At a community event. Summer 2013


4 Comments on “Update on this Blog ~ To all Mainstream Permaculture followers

  1. Yep, life is both fuller and more productive without the TV!!!

    I look forward to reading more of your writings.


  2. I don’t know how you do it all, but I agree that ditching the tv does help and give one more time. Love your writing, and am very interested in permaculture, a very beginner though. I’ll be following.


    • Thanks for following and your comments…where are you? There are some Permaculture classes offered for free or low cost, however, most people can learn it by themselves through books and videos. What I find useful on taking courses is the community: sharing similar views about the state of the world and about regenerative options and sharing projects to work on…also, you need time and dedication, something I’m trying to make more in my life these days…hopefully, they will all fall in place as needed 🙂 BTW, your garden looks awesome!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you Silvia. I am living in West Cork in Ireland. I started with organic gardening only a year or so ago, and the more I read about permaculture, and the more I watch my wild plants that come growing in my garden, the more I would like to practise permaculture. There is a community garden here in the town also, I will learn a lot from them, and then there are the blogs, like yours and others…. 🙂


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