For Those Who Want to Explore Teacher’s Training (Permaculture-Style)

This is posted on behalf of GaiaCraft Permaculture, please read below and contact Delvin if you are interested (I will be attending, but workshop is subject to # of people registered by September 18, so hurry up!):

Teaching Creatively and Dynamically Workshop

Join a group of conscious people of all ages and educational levels for an inspiring boost of creativity to enhance your ability to teach any subject in a dynamic, engaging and inspirational way. In a rare visit from Australia, Permaculture Pioneer Robin Clayfield who co-wrote the foundational PC education text ‘Teaching Permaculture Creatively”, will come to share a lifetime of experience teaching in unique and creative ways. We will gather in the fabled Elphinstone Rainforest at a permaculture inspired 5 zone micro-farm site and retreat centre. From gardens to rainforest locations, we will meet and mingle with many plants, animals and people from this tiny coastal mountain village. Feasting on local organic food, and sleeping in cozy and rustic dorm style accommodations, this nourishing experience will recharge our energy for practicing and sharing world changing ideas surrounding Permaculture, community, health and environment.


No previous experience is necessary. We are all teachers, whether it be casual with friends or family, or formal with classes. This is for anyone who teaches, facilitates or may teach in future, from new learners to those with a lifetime of experience. We will share in a transformational journey of experiential education in a positive and supportive environment. Come play games, walk in the rainforest, and have fun upgrading your creative teaching toolkits!



for Permaculture, Community, Health and Environmental Educators

with Permaculture Pioneer Robin Clayfield from Australia


Throw lecturing out the window and step up into a new realm of guiding effective, empowering educational experiences and group activities, especially for Permaculture courses and groups. Become a more dynamic, engaging, effective and relaxed teacher, presenter, facilitator or group leader. Learn in a practical, hands-on, interactive and fun learning environment that models how easy and memorable learning can be. Glean tips, tools, processes and inspiration from international pioneer of Creative Facilitation, Robin Clayfield, who’s developed and woven 23 years of leading, teaching, learning and playing in groups into a Dynamic Learning Methodology. Learn about learning, group dynamics and creative facilitation, group problem solving and conflict transformation tools, planning and confidence building skills and many processes, exercises and tips for raising energy and building group cohesion and trust. Take this special opportunity to work and learn with others involved in Permaculture, Transition, Community Gardens, Sustainability and Social Change.


This workshop will include:

  • ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ methods
  • Creating effective learning environments
  • Tools and resources for teaching and facilitation
  • Creative learning and planning processes
  • Group Dynamics and ‘Dynamic Groups’
  • Tool box development
  • Confidence building
  • Accelerated learning
  • Creative problem solving
  • Goal setting
  • And much more.
  • day and evening sessions


Robin Clayfield has enthusiastically practiced Permaculture since the early days in Australia and is acknowledged as a pioneer of ‘Social Permaculture’ worldwide. She is a respected international facilitator, trainer of teachers, author and musician with a passion for Creative, Interactive Group work, Permaculture, Deep Ecology, Transition, Social Design, Ceremony and Empowerment work.


November 8 – 13 (arrive evening 7 and leave morning 14)

$1350 (payment plans available) – includes accommodations and meals

Discounts available for those staying off site.

Rolling Earth, Robert’s Creek, BC, Canada


email for more details



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