More Permaculture Training! (US, California)

Quail Springs Permaculture Fall Course Offerings- Southern CA

Intro to Permaculture Course- Sept. 26-28 2014 This course is a great way to get a taste for Permaculture and learn some of the basics of sustainable living. Come immerse yourself in the Quail Springs Permaculture site and community this fall.


Land Restoration Training- October 2-5 This 4 day Project-Based Land Restoration Training offers hands-on experience in the assessment, design and construction of an on-going land restoration project and an intensive immersion and experiential training in a diverse set of land management tools. This course is taught by world renowned watershed and land restoration expert Craig Sponholtz of Watershed Artisan Inc.


Applied Aquaponics Course- October 17-19 2014 Quail Springs is excited to be offering this in-depth course on aquaponics, the synthesis of hydroponics and aquaculture. The course promises to empower students to build their own aquaponic systems at their homes and in their communities, and is appropriate for anyone interested in aquaponics.


Quail Springs Fall Permaculture Design Course- October 25- November 8 2014

with Warren Brush, Co-founder of Quail Springs Permaculture, True Nature Design, Casitas Valley Farm, with a team of Quail Springs’ instructors and special guest speakers.
Immerse yourself in Permaculture in action with this 14-day learning journey!

Contact: Lindsay Allen Course Coordinator & Farm Management Team Quail Springs Permaculture


Note and Disclaimer: Lindsay is a friend of mine, she took the PTT with me last April at O.U.R. Ecovillage with Jude Hobbs from Cascadia Permaculture. I do not charge/earn anything posting information about Permaculture training here. My goal is to help Permaculture become as mainstream as possible as I strongly believe this has to be known by all if we want to have any future at all. If that future can also be ethical, just and respectful of the environment and the peoples from anywhere in this world, then my contribution would be worth.

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