Permaculture Training

I had a blast yesterday presenting an intro to Permaculture “for a resilient and fulfilling life” at the Grassroots Yoga Festival:!teachers/c1xfr ..what a great place and how beautiful to be surrounded by like-minded people who truly care about the state of the planet and our society, beyond the state of our bodies and minds…

This was my first formal presentation on Permaculture itself…one little step towards my goal of living (myself) a more resilient, fulfilling and true to my values life.

I promised further information on current PDCs and related courses to those who attended, for some of these courses you don’t need experience with Permaculture or a PDC, for some of them they may ask you to complete a PDC before you can receive certification (but you may still apply)

For those of you looking for a PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate), I am not teaching it yet, but I’m starting to teach short intros and modules with experienced Pc teachers.

In BC, you can explore PDCs at the following websites:

At Gaia Craft:

I am currently taking my second PDC with Delvin and love his style (and personality) as well as his holistic approach to Permaculture beyond the edible garden/farm model…he also offers a very flexible, self-paced, non-invasive model for those with little time and little resources to get involved with a full-immersion/residential PDC.

For those with more time to invest, you may also want to try courses here:

And next year, Starhawk comes back to Canada to teach her PDC & Earth Activist course (for which I would love to save, but it may be too much on my budget two big courses a year!):

Teacher’s training:

I am also making the space to attend this one, which I have heard extraordinary stories about: (you can read Rob Hopkins, the founder of Transition, sharing his experiences with this course here: )

The beauty of the above course is that you don’t need to be a permaculturist or have a PDC in order to participate, you will learn about how to teach creatively and manage groups so it is great for anybody in the teaching/facilitation and coaching careers…however, as it is taught by an experienced permaculturist and it will happen at a Permaculture demonstration site/farm, you will learn Permaculture the best way possible: by living it!

For those living in US, you may want to check this page: I took a PTT (Permaculture Teacher’s Training” with Jude last April and may be her TA for next year’s same course at O.U.R. Ecovillage:

And for those in US wanting to attend a great convergence and have the opportunity to talk with experts, see the poster here for more info:


If you want more information about PDCs and PC related training, or you are offering training and want to promote it through me, please contact me. For now, I’m only posting courses I have attended or those I have heard great things about by trusted friends.


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